I Ship meme

I was tagged by melodyssister. I tag toblass.

Because it's adorable: Luna/Neville
Because it's hot: Hermione/Snape
Because it's plausible: Harry/Hermione
Because they're alike: Lucius/Narcissa (mostly because of this deviantart artist person)
Because they're opposites: Harry/Draco, but preferably as a secondary pairing
Because I like it in canon: Harry/Ginny
Because of subtext: Remus/Sirius
Because of fanwork: Snape/Sirius, as drawn by akatnamedeaster because the art is ridiculously fantastic
Because it hurts so good: Hermione/Snape
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I wish it was naptime

There were so many call-ins at work last night that today (my day off) is the sort of day where I just want to go back to sleep to compensate for all that rushing around. Ugh.

Instead, I actually managed an update for MWHD. At last. Next up, taking chicken out of the freezer for dinner.

And here's a picture of the cats from the last time it was properly sunny around here. Just because.


Writing prompt #4

A snippet of conversation between a wizard and Muggle in a universe where magic is real but Harry Potter is still just a story:

"Is it real or something?"


"Harry Potter?"

"What? No."

"Then why are you always calling things what they do in the books?"

"Because the names sound much cooler."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... Oh. What's a good example... Amortentia."

"The love potion?"

"Yes. In the books, JK Rowling called the strongest love potion Amortentia. And it's fun to say."

"What do people really call it?"

"A Class-B CMS."


"Controlled Magical Substance."

"That is very boring."

"Yes. There are categories and sub-categories, too. Technically, there's a love potion #9, though it's called a Class-B CMS, category 9, part III. Basically the weakest love potion you can get without adding water."

"Adding water?"

"Mhm. Diluting, you know?"

"Way to standardize, categorize, and completely take the magic out of magic."

"You shouldn't have expected anything else. People are people, and the people in charge like everything neatly labeled and stored in the correct box."

Thoughts from Easter and the joke for the week

It is impossible to eat chocolate bunnies with dignity. You can either begin at the tail or at the ears. Either way, after the first bite, the thing looks horribly misused and the eating quickly degenerates into a lot of gnawing.

It is very nearly the same with gingerbread men, beginning with the head or a limb. I'm of the opinion that these particular treats were made for the cynics forced to attend family functions over the holidays.

And the joke: Why shouldn't use a dull pencil? (Because it's pointless.)
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I made an oops

So, I actually referred to the [Retail Overlord] corporate headquarters as "the overlords" today. To a customer. With my immediate supervisor maybe five feet away.

(Luckily, the customer didn't really get it, and my supervisor has a sense of humor. Crisis averted.)