I had an idea

I have many, many documents on my laptop that are bits and pieces of stories. Beginnings, endings, random scenes that just haven't fit into anything else I've written, etc. There's this one beginning in particular that I came across again tonight, and, as usual, I wished there was more to it but I can't ever seem to think where to go from where it's at. I have a general idea of where the characters are at and the vague direction I'd like to point them in, but it's been stagnating for awhile now.

Essentially, I have this mad thought that I'm going to tell this story (Synchronicity) more-or-less by prompt, including as much of the feedback as possible without making it into something entirely absurd.

Whaddya think?

Story is on, here.
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Trending on the drawing, apparently

I can't think of much to write at the moment, so I'm going to use the good ol' fallback of sharing a drawing... Here's Snape from the epilogue of MWHD (the real epilogue, not the alternate one):

I even got to play with it a bit. My printer is all hooked up now, so I was able to scan it in instead of taking a photo with my phone... and the computer has all these fun things for contrast and saturation and stuff. (Woot.)
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I did the thing!

We officially have wifi at the new place (yay!), so I'm slowly trying to get back into this whole fandom thing again... "Slowly" being the operative word, because I'm prettysure I missed the actual deadline on this art challenge thing no matter what time zone we're going by.

Sharing it anyway because I did the thing!

tea art challenge.jpg
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Ah, nostalgia

Okay, so I'm moving in a little over a week. I'm sorting through stuff, boxing and binning, and I'm finding all sorts of the weirdest things I didn't know I still had. For instance: I went through a poetry phase from 5th grade to 7th grade-ish. (Maybe not even that long.) Anyway. In middle school, I had this notebook full of "poetry" and the very last one was added probably my senior year of high school, which was about when I last unearthed said notebook. That last poem goes:

There once was a man from Nantucket
who spent all of his time in a bucket.
Then came the day
when he filled it with hay,
set it on fire and said, "Fuck it."

Eighteen-year-old me is hilarious.


Pardon me a moment; I'm going to word-barf.

My mom had passes to a free movie preview tonight. It was a Woody Allen movie (not really my favorite, his stories have endings but not necessarily resolutions), and it was pretty good. Whatever. Not the thing I'm frustrated with: She had me drive and I ended up paying $10 for parking. Last time we went to a movie, I paid for the tickets and she bought the ice cream we snuck in (only she ended up having coupons and the ice cream was free). She keeps saying "It's free, let's go!" and then it's free for her but not for me.

That's my "grr" moment this evening. She's my mom. I like spending time with her. She changed my diapers. I'm not going to complain to her that she's coming out ahead in this "free" movie business. It's just frustrating.

In other news, is anybody else watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix? Because I started it this morning and it's amazing.
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Do you ever blink and realize a week's gone by?

I had one of those weeks this week. It just kind of... disappeared. Wasn't it just Saturday? Last Saturday?

As of last Sunday, Retail Overlord opens an hour earlier, which means I have to show up either a 6 or 6:30, which isn't horrible but MAN has it thrown off my sleep schedule.

Then comes the more nutty-busy part: I'm moving in less than a month. So... packing. Everything is a mess.

And then I met my best friend for lunch today and we're planning another trip. A big trip, too. I went in thinking Winnipeg (about ten hours straight north for us), and came out thinking Ireland. This is becoming a trend. I texted her randomly last August and we ended up going on a 10-day cruise in October.

And now it's about to be Monday again.
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