Writing prompt #2

The prompt: "If you could have any super power, what would it be?"

Invisible. If you asked me what one "super power" I'd want, I'd never have said invisibility. I'd have gone for flight or time travel. Maybe (maybe) the ability to breathe under water.

Invisibility always seemed to involve a lot of extra caveats-- but will your clothes be invisible, too? but can you stop being invisible?-- and conundrums. Morality stuff, too-- just because you can sneak a peak, should you?

Yet I figured it out. Complete invisibility. I can't even see myself (and that's more disorienting than I'd guessed it would be).

And then, of course, I walked by him. The first time, I was giddy at his non-reaction. Success! I thought. Huzzah! Then I passed him again with somebody else nearby, and he realized nobody else could see me. So this third time, he just had to burst my bubble, as it were.

"I can see you there."

"But I made myself invisible." What a dumb thing to say.

"The only way to be truly invisible is to cease to exist, and to do that would most likely negate your reason for attempting invisibility in the first place, making the entire effort rather redundant overall."

"Wow. You certainly know how to suck the fun right out of a neat trick."

"Hmm, yes."

"Must take practice."

"Oh, yes. Loads. I'm a professional fun-sucker."

The aforementioned adventure

So... I went on a cruise. That was fun. Hopefully I'll get to do it again someday.

I'd never been on a cruise before, but the friend I was traveling with went on one with family years and years ago. It was her idea to turn the trip into a cruise. Initially, we'd thought a road trip would be fun, but when we factored in the rental car and gas and a different hotel every night, etc., etc. this was a better option. Food was included, we didn't have to drive anywhere, and there was always something to do.

The food was good— I tried Baked Alaska, which I now have to figure out how to make because it was excellent— and I thought it was a wonderfully relaxing way to travel. The boat rocking meant I slept really well but also that I randomly tottered over one way or the other when I was trying to stand still whenever we got off the boat for an excursion...

I could really go on and on about this. I live in Minnesota; I love it here, but there aren't any oceans or mountains. Sometimes the horizon just begs to be made interesting.

We flew out from Minneapolis to Toronto, then Toronto to Quebec City to catch the boat. They lost our luggage going from Minneapolis to Toronto. Not much fun there; we had to go to a lot of different desks over the course of the day and tell people about it since we were jumping on another flight and then getting on a boat. It worked out, though; we had our luggage by the next morning.

From Quebec City (which I wish there had been time to explore) we hopped along from port to port down the coast and ended 11 days later in Bayonne, New Jersey. Despite all the chatter about the hurricane, we had near-perfect weather. It got a little chilly on deck with the wind, and especially when the sun went down, but there weren't any rainy days. Hell, there was only one day that even partially qualified as overcast. We missed one stop (Bar Harbor, Maine) because there were 20-foot waves at the pier and it wasn't safe to go ashore, but it was a nice day out at sea— my friend and I are both bookworms, so we parked it in the lounge chairs and powered through our reading lists.

I got a picture of the ugliest sheep (or possibly a particularly pathetic-looking goat) at the Fortress of Louisburg:

Peggy's Cove was probably my favorite:

There was a man in a kilt playing the bagpipes out on the rocks. He was very good. We did our exploring, then found a nice rock to sit on and listen. The rock was sun-warmed, the view was excellent (man as well as lighthouse), and I've always liked bagpipes.

We arrived in New Jersey last Sunday, and then waited around a lot. We waited to get off the boat, we waited to go through customs, we waited for the shuttle to the airport. We got to the airport a few hours too early to check our baggage, so we waited for that chunk of time to pass. Then we waited in the terminal for boarding... you get the idea. The upside is that I got to finish one last book.

And now I've been home. Back to reality. I did laundry, vacuumed, all that real life stuff. Also work. I had to go back to work after nearly two weeks off. On the upside, there are some really pretty Fall colors going on at home right now— I heard the famous fall colors of the East Coast were running about a week behind the usual this year, which means we missed them on the trip.

So back to the usual, then. Sorry for carrying on so much. (And the selfie.)

Off on an adventure

I bought myself a purse big enough to fit all the random shit I "need" and, more importantly, three paperbacks. I could probably get two or three more in there, but that would be getting a bit excessive, don't you think? It's only 11 days. I'll pace myself.


I waited in line a lot today

So many lines.

Half Price Books puts on a clearance sale every year at the state fairgrounds, so that was the first line. (That was a good line, since I came away with a bag full of books-- the other lines were not so good.) The rest of the day was spent at and trying to get to the Renaissance Festival. We waited for two hours trying to park, then we waited an hour for the shuttle from the parking lot to the festival (we could've walked it in ten minutes, but they turned us back and made us wait). Then it was wait in line for food, wait in line for drinks, wait in line for shows, wait in line for the bathroom.

There was a free wine tasting; that was good. (Had to wait in line for it, though.) And while we were eating, we found a bench by the stockade and watched the performers heckle the people in them. (Line for the food, but not the benches!)

I got a sunburn. (Not surprising; I was out in the sun for more than half an hour.)

Despite all the whining (and all the waiting in lines), it was a good way to spend a day off.

Writing prompt #1

We don't know what it is, exactly. How it works.

The quiet.

There's a strange resonance to it, like a tuning fork ringing at a frequency outside our range of hearing. Singing to a certain part of the brain. A very old part.

The part that is afraid of the dark.

Stuff and such

Well. I'm training for the new position at [Retail Overlord], which is kind-of-sort-of ironic. I closed in the new position (by myself) Friday and Saturday, then opened in the new position (by myself) Sunday and Monday, and then my first training day for the new position was Tuesday. So that tells you how that's working, I suppose.

On account of that's prettymuch all I have to talk about and I'm trying to get back into this blogging thing and actually post stuff, I suppose I'll share another doodle:

It's my "I'm tired of this shit" cowboy. I also did my first (and, if I have any sense, last) zentangle the other day. There was nothing Zen about my approach to that tangle. It turned out fairly pretty and all that, but it wasn't relaxing or enjoyable like drawing normally is; all I came away with was a hand cramp. The cowboy was much more fun.
curly frames

But I was ready to upload...

Is anybody else having trouble with

I tried to log in before work to post my last chapter of Sin & Vice, but all I got was "503 service unavailable." I tried again just now, and it's the same. Also tried on my phone... same. I can read fics just fine (and thank goodness for that, because I've stopped bringing books for my breaks!), but it won't let me into my profile.

I'm just hoping it times out and I can get to posting again, but in the meantime: Anybody else having troubles with