Seeking travel suggestions

A shot in the dark here (since I really don't know where you wonderful people are located/have traveled to), but I'm looking for some suggestions for Ireland. Well, mostly Ireland.

At the end of October, me and my BFF are spending two weeks around the UK and Ireland. The UK portion is mostly planned out-- we're visiting England with a tour group and staying at a B&B recommended by my mom in Scotland-- but we're at ends with Ireland. Do we stay in Dublin? Do we stay in Belfast? Hotel or B&B?

Really, any suggestions would be lovely. It's all very vague right now beyond the B&B in Edinburgh and the tour group for London. We're trying to find a good ghost tour for Edinburgh and pick out some castles to tour... Two weeks ago, this trip was something we were joking about taking; now it's really happening. (This seems to be how we plan most travel-- I texted her last August and said we should go somewhere, and we ended up on a 10-day cruise out of Quebec City.)

Ah, nostalgia

Okay, so I'm moving in a little over a week. I'm sorting through stuff, boxing and binning, and I'm finding all sorts of the weirdest things I didn't know I still had. For instance: I went through a poetry phase from 5th grade to 7th grade-ish. (Maybe not even that long.) Anyway. In middle school, I had this notebook full of "poetry" and the very last one was added probably my senior year of high school, which was about when I last unearthed said notebook. That last poem goes:

There once was a man from Nantucket
who spent all of his time in a bucket.
Then came the day
when he filled it with hay,
set it on fire and said, "Fuck it."

Eighteen-year-old me is hilarious.


Pardon me a moment; I'm going to word-barf.

My mom had passes to a free movie preview tonight. It was a Woody Allen movie (not really my favorite, his stories have endings but not necessarily resolutions), and it was pretty good. Whatever. Not the thing I'm frustrated with: She had me drive and I ended up paying $10 for parking. Last time we went to a movie, I paid for the tickets and she bought the ice cream we snuck in (only she ended up having coupons and the ice cream was free). She keeps saying "It's free, let's go!" and then it's free for her but not for me.

That's my "grr" moment this evening. She's my mom. I like spending time with her. She changed my diapers. I'm not going to complain to her that she's coming out ahead in this "free" movie business. It's just frustrating.

In other news, is anybody else watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix? Because I started it this morning and it's amazing.
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Do you ever blink and realize a week's gone by?

I had one of those weeks this week. It just kind of... disappeared. Wasn't it just Saturday? Last Saturday?

As of last Sunday, Retail Overlord opens an hour earlier, which means I have to show up either a 6 or 6:30, which isn't horrible but MAN has it thrown off my sleep schedule.

Then comes the more nutty-busy part: I'm moving in less than a month. So... packing. Everything is a mess.

And then I met my best friend for lunch today and we're planning another trip. A big trip, too. I went in thinking Winnipeg (about ten hours straight north for us), and came out thinking Ireland. This is becoming a trend. I texted her randomly last August and we ended up going on a 10-day cruise in October.

And now it's about to be Monday again.
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A week away

I was off in the woods. It was lovely (even though there was the ten hour drive back yesterday and I have to cart myself in to work today even though my mind is still on vacation). Next up, posting that chapter of MWHD that I'd planned to post before we left...

Read the thing!

So, I just spent basically all weekend reading Second Life by Lariope. It's on Ashwinder, which is probably how I managed not to have already read it.

You should read it. I just loved the whole thing. Eventually, I will have to go back and actually review, but I really suck at that. So I'll just gush about it here. And say go read it. Do it. Snape is a particularly tortured soul, and it's so well-written.

And now I will go write my own story that I started fixing last week before I got distracted. (I am not allowing myself to look at anything on sshg_hub until I've got the next chapter up!)

What a pleasant day

Do you ever just have a day that you look back at and go, "Wow. That was just a pleasant day"? Because I had one of those.

I had today off. I slept in. I did some laundry. I went out to lunch with my little sister (and she's about to be off camping for a week, so it was nice to get a chunk of time with her). I read outside (that's that blurry forced focus picture above) for a lovely chunk of the afternoon. I got a sunburn, but that always happens so it was still pleasant.

Just a pleasant day.

And now I have ten minutes left in the day to finish my chapter and upload for MWHD, since that was my actual goal for the day off. We'll see if I make it!